Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot with Infrared Dot Laser Pointer
Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot with Infrared Dot Laser Pointer dimension
Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot with pointer
red dot pointer stainless steel slingshot
flat band hunting slingshot stainless steel
Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot with Infrared Dot Laser Pointer
yellow flat band hunting slingshot with dot pointer
roped handle hunting slingshot with slingshot bag

Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot with Infrared Pointer

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Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot with Infrared Dot Laser Pointer

High quality stainless steel hunting slingshot equipped with infrared laser dot pointer. Target light finder for improved accuracy.

Flat band slings provide higher accuracy and more powerful shots. Improved hand grip with rope straps firmer grip plus improved accuracy.

Variant 1 : Flatband Hunting Slingshot with Laser Pointer

Variant 2: Hunting Slingshot | Laser Pointer | 3pcs Flat Bands | 100g 9mm Mud balls | and Slingshot Bag

rope handle hunting slingshot variant 2

Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot Product Features:

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Frame
  • Wide Flat Bands
  • Infrared Laser Dot Pointer
  • Unique Frame Design

Product Specifications:

  • Bow weight:330g
  • Bow height:120mm
  • Outer width:86mm
  • Inner width:44mm

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