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white and black blade everyday carry folding knifes
black blade switch blade knife
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Sanrenmu Portable EDC Folding Pocket Survival Knife

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Sanrenmu 4059 EDC Folding Pocket Camping Knife

Everyday carry folding pocket knife made high strength stainless steel for durability for outdoors. Clip on handle for easy carrying on your pocket.

sanrenmu folding edc knife with keyholder and car key holder

Ultra durable high hardness handle. Portable small switch blade for conceal carry ideal utility for travels and outdoors.

Sanrenmu 4059 EDC Folding Knife Product Specifications:

  • Overall length: 120 mm
  • Blade length: 48mm
  • Blade material: 415N Stainless Steel
  • Blade thickness: 2 mm
  • Hardness: 58HRC
  • Handle thickness:  11.3 mm
  • Net weight: 50g

Shipping: (Ships for Free Worldwide)

Note: Please be patient to expect and allow the package 2-3 days processing times and a number of  days to arrived (See list below for delivery times for available countries) from the date of purchase. Tracking codes will be emailed to customers provided contact email.

Estimated Delivery Times for Available Countries:

  • United States       -     30-35 Days
  • Canada               -     30-35 Days
  • Australia             -     25-35 Days
  • New Zealand      -     35-35 Days
  • United Kingdom -     30-35 Days
  • Portugal             -     30-35 Days
  • Spain                  -    30-45 Days
  • France                -    28-30 Days
  • Belgium             -     30-35 Days
  • Netherlands       -    30-35 Days
  • Germany           -     25-35 Days
  • Denmark           -     25-35 Days
  • Austria              -     25-36 Days
  • Italy                  -     30-45 Days
  • Japan               -     25-35 Days
  • Korea               -     25-35 Days

Tracking Codes are updated 5 to 10 days after orders are shipped. If you may have any problems or concerns feel free to contact us at our contacts page: contactsUs

Hue&Shades ships to all major North American and European countries as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Countries that we do not ship to are as follows: All countries on the continent of Africa, North Korea, Iran,Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, and some South-East Asian countries.

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In Some cases(due to customs examinations or delays in releasing of package) it can take-up to 35 to 45  days for items to arrive.

Tracking codes can be updated within 5-10 days after item(s) has been shipped.

If your order exceeds these shipping times please give or send us a message so as we can update you on the status and whereabouts of your order. So as to resolved any issues that may occur with your order(s).

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