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AMEYXGS Kresis Compound Bow
Krysis Compound Hunting Bow with Arrows
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KRESIS 21.5lbs-80lbs Compound Bow Archery Steel Ball Dual Purpose Hunting Bow

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KRESIS Compound Bow

Made from lightweight and high strength Titanium Alloy (TC4)
Handmade with craftsmanship quality, sturdy, durable
Lightweight and compact. With a modern design and feel combining strength and function with a sleek aesthetics.

Kresis Compound Bow Anatomy and Parts:

Kresis Compound bow Parts and Components - Hue&Shades

Kresis bow has a sleek form and design which is made and manufactured with top class materials for added value and reliability. For ease of handling the  stress of use in any environment.

Kresis Compound bow travel case hard case
Kresis compound bow in outside environment along with hard case, for easy carrying and protection.

KRESIS Hunting Bow Features:

Krysis is a new generation of composite Bows that combines the characteristics of a compound bow and a slingshot.

Bow is made of  3K full carbon fiber and the bow Riser is made of 71 carbon fiber cloth for structural strengthening.

Bow is made of Latex rubber band, using fish gun rubber band, that is very durable with an anti-UV effect.

The Main Cam is processed by whole CNC material, which is intensity magnesium alloy 7075.

The outer shell is made of pp material to meet the task of protecting the wheel set and bowstring.

Note: When adjusting the saw, do not remove the rubber band. Keeping one is easier to adjust.

Krysis composite bow is equipped with 12 set rubber bands, 'S' 8 roots, 'L' 4 roots (S with low tensile rubber band, L with high tensile rubber band)

Compound Bow Archery Steel Ball Dual Purpose Hunting Bow

Kresis Compound Bow Product Specifications:

  • Bow Type: Compound Bow
  • Brand Name: AMEYXGS
  • Pull Weight: 21.5 lbs-80 lbs(LSS Combination)
  • Highest Speed: 330/460 FPS
  • Draw Length: 26-30''
  • Bow Block: 6.5 inch
  • Wheelbase: 27.5''
  • Bow Length: 32'' 
  • Color: Black/Green/Blue

Shipping: (Ships for Free Worldwide)

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  • Belgium                  25-28 Days
  • Netherlands            30-35 Days
  • Germany                30-32 Days
  • Denmark                20-40 Days
  • Austria                   20-40 Days
  • Italy                       30-45 Days
  • Japan                    13-21 Days
  • Korea                    13-21 Days

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