automatic mechanical slingshot with fishing reel
Mechanical release slingshot riffle for camping for fishing
Mechanical release slingshot with arrows basic kit
slingshot rifle shooter with long arrow and steel ammo basic kit A
Semi Automatic Mechanical Release Slingshot  Rifle Shooter For Fishing
 Semi Automatic Slingshot Hunting Fishing Bow Powerful Catapult Fix Reel Multifunction Steel Ball Ammo Arrow Continuous

Semi Automatic Mechanical Release Slingshot Rifle Shooter For Fishing

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Automatic Mechanical Release Slingshot Rifle

  • Semi Automatic Firing Function mechanical release Rifle slingshot.
  • Dual Purpose ammo load out can use with steel ammo balls or arrow darts.
  • Customizable set with different accessories and addons.
  • For Fishing or hunting and other outdoor shooting activities.

Cool mechanical slingshot release device using different ammunition variants from steel or copper balls. To using fishing darts or arrows. Super slingshot rifle with a semi automatic firing system.

Available in Multi-Function Sets and Accessories.
Mechanical Release Slingshot Rifle Variants:


Package Types
Basic Kit   ($235.50)

semi automatic mechanical slingshot shooter

Mechanical Slingshot Only

Basic Kit A      ($256.50)

mechanical slingshot shooter rifle


Mechanical Slingshot | Laser Dot Pointer | Long arrow Darts

Basic Kit B       ($256.50)
Semi Automatic Slingshot Hunting Fishing Bow Powerful Catapult Fix Reel Multifunction Steel Ball Ammo Arrow Continuous
Mechanical SLingshot Long Arrow Darts | Steel Balls | Laser dot pointer

Basic Kit C        ($267.00)   

Mechanical release slingshot for fishing  

Mechanical Slingshot Long Arrows Steel Balls Laser DOt Pointer

Luxury Kit         ($277.50)   

Mechanical release slingshot for fishing

   Mechanical Slingshot Laser Dot Pointer |Steel Ball ammo with pouch | Fishing       Reel |Short Darts | Long Darts | Fishing Arrow Darts


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