QT Retractable Hunting slingshot with fishing reel
Retractable slingshot 2pcs flat band with laser pointer
flat band retractable rod slingshot with fishing dart
flat band fishing slingshot with reel
retractable fishing slingshot with flat bands
flat band retractable slingshot with flashlight
outstretch expanded retractable slingshot with reel
slingshot with extension rod and flashlight
slingshot with folding rod and fishing reel
fishing slingshot with extension rod and fishing darts and reel
fishing slingshot with fixed based and reel
slingshot with extention rod and flat bands and laser dot pointer
fishing slingshot with extension rod based end
fishing slingshot with folding rod flat band on grass

QT High-Power Outdoor Precision Shooting Slingshot Retractable Folding Rod

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QT High-Power Outdoor Precision Shooting Slingshot Retractable Folding Rod

For precision shooting slingshot has a unique feature that can provide extra shooting power with retractable Folding extension rod. Stainless steel light weight design for hunting in any environment conditions or situations. 

DIY accessories and addons slingshot can be equipped with flashlight or fishing reel or laser pointer. Variants includes fishing darts for hunting on lakes or rivers.

Product Specifications:

Draw weight: 20-29 Pounds
Weight: 835g
Length: 80cm
Stretched length: 170cm
Outside width: 86cm
Inner width: 36cm

Slingshot Variants:

Slingshot Variant A   $ 55.98

Retractable Slingshot

2pcs Flat Bands

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