dual purpose modern compound bow with stabilizer
Dual Purpose Arrow and Steel Ball Compound Bow with Draw Length of 26-29 adjustable
Compound bow made of pure carbon fiber archery set for hunting
kresis ultra modern compound bow
modern compound bow set with sights and stabilizer stand

Dual Purpose Arrow and Steel Ball Compound Bow with Draw Length of 26-29 adjustable

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Arrow and Steel Ball Dual Purpose Compound Bow for Beginners (Arrow and Steel Ball Shooter)with 26-29 inch Draw Length
  • Great Compound Bow for use whether your a beginner or an experienced hunter or just a bowfishing enthusiast.
  • Versatile design dual purpose Hunting Bow can use with arrows or steel balls for ammunition. Great for hunting or just target practice even for new or beginner archers.
  • Compound bows cams and modules are Quality made with fully machined aluminum. Predators compound bow designs allows for 70% let-off when shooting.

Modern day compound bow design

Compound bow can shoot arrows and shoot steel balls. This product is a composite bow of steel ball and arrow. When you use steel balls to shoot, the greater the draw weight of the bow, the larger the diameter of the steel ball.

complete set modern day compound bow with sight and stabilizer

The diameter of the steel ball that this bow adapts is 8-13 mm. The specific size needs to be determined according to the draw weight of the bow.

Package  includes:
  • 1 x Modern Compound Bow
  • 1 x 5 Pins Bow Sight
  • 1 x Brush Arrow Rest
  • 1 x Stabilizer Absorber
  • 1 x Bow Release
  • 1 x Bow Stand
  • 6pcs Carbon Arrows

 5 pin modern compound bow sight

5 pin Bow Sight

Compound bow Stabilizer
Bow Stabilizer
Bow Arrow Brush
Arrow Rest
Compound Bow Release
Bow Release
Red Grip Compound bow Stand Holder
Compound Bow Holder Stand
6 pcs carbon arrows
6 pcs Carbon Arrows




Compound Bow Product Specifications:

  • Draw Length: 26-29 inch
  • Draw weight:40-60 lbs
  • IBO Rate: Up to 330-340 fps 
  • Steel Ball Speed: 460 FPS
  • Physical Weight: 4.8 lbs.
  • Let-off: up to 70% 
  • Color:      Black
  • Riser: Aluminum 
  • Bowstrings: BCY
  • Brace Height: 6.5inch
  • Arrow Speed: 330FPS
  • Type: Arrow / steel ball dual-purpose

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