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Car air vent phone holder

A car air vent phone holder lets you keep the phone at eye level while driving. Let’s discuss the available types of car mounts and recommend some for each.

 Air Vent Car Phone Holder

The final popular type of mount attaches to the vents in your car. After some quick assembly (depending on the model), you simply slide the clip into one of your vents and it stays put. From there, like most phone mounts, you can push a button to release the grips and twist the mount as needed.

Air vent clips have the same advantages of CD player clips, making them a good choice if your car doesn’t have a CD player. They keep your phone out of view and aren’t as susceptible to falls.

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However, it’s wise to double-check your car’s vents before buying one of these mounts. If your car is older, the vent sliders could be weak and potentially drop your phone during an impact. Also, certain vent shapes (most circular ones) don’t work properly with these mounts.