CAR Accessories | CAR Phone Holder Vent Magnetic DIY KIt

CAR Phone Holder Collections Universal DIY Kit For Car Dashboard

A Universal mobile phone holder lets you keeping your phone at your eye level helping check your phone for important messages or answer important calls while driving.

In car air vent magnetic mobile phone holder helps keep your hands on the wheel while driving helping you keep your phone close by when you need to answer that important call or messages.

Universal Car Phone Holder Vent

Popular type of in car phone holder for dash and air vent clip magnetic mobile phone holder. With some quick assembly (that depends on the model), just simply slide the clip into one of your vents and it stays put. From there, like most phone mounts, you can push a button to release the grips and twist the mount as needed.

Design by Hue&shades


Note: Do double-check your car’s vents before buying one of these mounts. On Some older car models, the vent sliders could be weak and potentially drop your phone during impact. Also, certain vent shapes (most circular ones) don’t work properly with some newer mounts.