Backpacks Anti-Theft Travel Bags

If you wear a backpack and do a killer Karate chop, it doesn’t count as an anti-theft measure. Not unless you are Jackie Chan and have Vulcan hearing. Anti-theft backpacks look like normal backpacks but they

are loaded with clever feature that help you keep your belongings safe. These include:

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Secret Pockets: This is the most common feature amongst anti-theft backpacks. Most of them have a hidden zipper somewhere where you can stash your most prized possessions like wallets, passport, pen drive, engagement ring or what not. Since they aren’t readily visible, pick-pockets have a hard time reaching them. This is important because you can probably reconcile with a stolen umbrella but these small items are extremely important.




RFID Protection: Thieves are not ones to lag behind technology. If you try to beat the pickpockets by carrying cards, they have found a way to steal money electronically too. Which is why, the best anti-theft backpacks come with RFID protection pockets where you can store any cards which carries information electronically.

Lock: Many anti-theft backpacks come with locking zippers. Instead of having locking tags that require to be cut, they may have a combination lock on the zipper tabs. This gives you instant access but makes it hard for the thieves to slide open the zipper. One of the bags selected in the best anti-theft backpacks list come with a combination lock complimentary with the backpacks.

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Slashproof construction: This is an important part of the anti-theft backpack design. They are made of slashproof fabric. So if the thieves decide to take a stab at them with a concealed knife, they will remain undaunted. Slashing is a common technique when you are standing close together in a crowd and opening zippers might be noticeable. The miscreant can just slash the bottom of the backpack and make off with your valuables. Or they can slash at the straps and steal the whole bag. Well, not with the anti-theft backpacks mind you!
There are specialized lightweight materials which feel just like cotton and are cutproof. There are even materials layered with steel wire mesh that makes them slashproof.

YKK zippers: You want quality zippers on your anti-theft backpack so that they 

Zipper baibu-new-men-15-6-laptop-backpack-anti-theft-backpack-usb-charging-women-school-notebook-bag-oxford-waterproof-travel-backpack hue and shades


cannot be simply pried open. Or so that they won’t get stuck and leave the items in your bag open for the world to see. YKK zippers are the best in the market and used by every named brand.


Built-in steel cables: Some anti-theft backpacks may have in-built steel cables used to secure them to your other stationary luggage. This helps keep all your items together during travel.

BOPAI Men Leather Backpack Bags Anti Theft laptop backpack USB Charge Backpack

Water-resistance: This is a safety feature of sorts. It protects your belongings from the natural elements. Once you start using an anti-theft backpack, it’s likely you would want to carry it everywhere. How probable is it that it might get wet eventually? Very. Water-resistance helps, come hail or an unfortunate puddle splash.


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