NEW DJI Tello Drone 2019 IRONMAN Edition

Perfect for you Marvel fans, Dji Tello Iron Man Edition is perfect for learning how to fly a drone while being immersed in the exciting world of the Avengers.

Fly like one of your Super powered Heroes with this one of a kind drone. You don't just learn to fly, you can and will conquer the skies. This drone comes equipped with an immersive app allows you to explore the world of your heroes the avengers.

Tello Ironman Drone Features:

  • Iron Man inspired Design
  • Tello Hero App
  • HD FPV Camera
  • Aerial Safety
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Programmable

Design Specifications:

The design of Dji Tello Ironman Edition takes inspiration from the classic ironman armor design and colors. Having the colors hot red and gold giving it that look and feel of ironmans classic armor, it also includes a miniature arc reactor for a more believable feel.

Dji Tello ironman edition drone

Immersive Application:

With the Dji Tello Hero App you will be given an immersive experience and a look into Ironman's world. Explore and complete missions with the help of your AI assistant FRIDAY. Explore Tello's expansive range of possibilities.

Safe and Smart:

With Dji flight tech, Tello ensures safety in the air wherever you go. Featuring Low Battery Protection and Propeller Guards that ensures the safety of your drone whatever the challenge. Safe and Smart the way its designed to be.

Smart Flight Functions:

Creative features that are included in Tello's Flight Modes include: 360, Throw and Go, and 8D Flips. Makes for a lot more fun when flying.

Better Eye in the Sky:

Tello's impressive camera system gives a more engaging FPV view. 720 HD transmission, 5 mp Photos, and an Electronic Image Stabilizer gives you a very distinct advantage over your competition. With 13 minutes of Flight time and a 100 meter max distance makes for greater possibilities for exploration and adventure.

dji tello drone flight safety features

Programmable and Fun:

Support for Tello EDU APP and Swift Playground App, as well as Python and Scratch Programming. With these tools you can program your drone to Perform self-maneuvering flights and tricks. A lot of smart features making this Tello Drone a must have for techie individuals. 

Dji tello ironman edition banner hue&shades

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