How to Silence a Recurve Bow

Silencing a Recurve Style Bow

These are tips and things to follow or check for Silencing a recurve style bow. 

Having a too loud of a bow can have a negative effect on your shooting accuracy. Especially if you plan on going on hunting trips a loud bow eliminates the element of surprise when hunting game animals.

Reasons for a loud Recurve Bow

First thing to do to silence a recurve bow is to know why your bow is making to much noise. The following are some of the reasons for having a loud recurve bow. 

Loose strands inside of your bow

 Does not happen very often but essentially what happens is your bow string might have a loose strand inside of it. You can check for loose strand by visually checking for that one loose strand that just slightly pops up or is out of alignment with the other strand.

Having a loose strand affects how your string behaves and function that can produce different sounds when drawn and released.

Not enough or too much strands on bow string

Also worth mentioning similar to a loose strand effect. Is not having or too much strands on your bow string this can also have a dynamic effect on the behavior and performance of your bow string.

Loose parts inside or on loose accessories of bow parts

Having loose parts (examples: stabilizers, sights, bow limbs etc.) can produce additional vibration when shooting your bow. Make sure all parts and accessories are well placed and screwed tight.

Unwanted vibration from bow parts can cause different noises that causes your recurve bow to be really loud. Loosely screwed accessories can cause a lot of vibration which changes your bows acoustics.

Checking Bows Brace Height

Every bow limb manufacturer has a guide for the optimal distance for your brace height. An improperly set up brace height can have a significant effect on your recurve bows acoustics. If you can't find the ideal distance for brace height form bow limb manual you can check them out at limb manufacturers website most will have guides for the proper brace height for you bow. 

Lacking Dampeners

Dampeners are bow accessories that are designed to  absorb and reduce  bows vibration and noise. Right out of the box most recurve bows do not come with dampeners. Having dampeners is a great help in silencing a recurve bow.

Types of Recurve Bow Dampeners

Limb Dampeners: 

A bow accessory that's designed to decrease the noise and vibration that the limbs produce during a shot cycle. They increase a bow's stealth-like qualities and decrease pain and fatigue that shooters experience.

recurved bow dampeners set

Riser Dampeners:

Riser dampeners are small accessories that you can place on your bows riser.  Riser dampeners are designed to absorb and dissipate the noise and vibration that your bows riser can produce when shooting.

recurved bow riser dampeners set 

String Silencers (Whiskers):

String whiskers or silencers are bow accessories that you can place on bow string or cables. Can be rubberized or made of fur, that are designed to absorb string vibration.

 Bow string silencers or puffs

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