Different Types of Bow Arrow Heads

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Different Arrow Heads Types

Different Arrow Heads Types

An Arrowhead is a sharpened object added to an arrow tip to make an arrow more deadlier. In its earliest form arrowhead were made of sharpened stone or other organic material like animal bones.

In its earliest form arrowheads were made of sharpened stones and sharpened  animal bones or chips of stones for use weapons and tools for hunting.

Modern arrowheads today come in many variants and styles. Modern arrowheads are mostly made with high strength carbon steel which are light and strong for better projectile penetration.


field point arrowhead

Field Point

  • Similar to target points having a distinct shoulder design, shoulder design serves as a convenient feature for removing missed shots from being stuck on trees or stumps.Filed Points can offer similar flight characteristics and weights as a broadhead arrow. 
  • Another advantage of field points is they don't cause excessive damage upon removal.

bullet point arrowhead

Bullet Point

  • Bullet point arrow tips can be used to target bag targets or foam targets. Bullet points can matched to big game broadheads for hunting big game.
Blunt Point Arrowhead

Blunt Point

  • Blunt points tips are an unsharpened arrowhead that is commonly used for target practice for shooting at targets of opportunity. Blunt Points are also used for stunning a target without penetration when the goal is to stun a small game or target.



broadhead tip arrowhead


  • Broadheads are arrow tips that can have two to four hardened sharp edges. The purpose of these sharpened edges is to deliver a wide cutting effect during impact to deliver a quick clean kill. Broadheads are ideally used for hunting and are not suitable for target practice being hard to take out when shot.

Broadheads have different types they are as follows:

fixed blade arrowheads

Fixed Blade

  • A fixed blade broadhead has very rigid and unmovable sharpened edges and head. Designed to deliver as much damage  to a target and make a quick a kill as possible.

mechanical blade arrowhead

Mechanical or Expandable Blade

  • Mechanical Broadhead deploys and expands its blades when contact is made with its target. This expansion is designed to wound and cut as deep as possible to enable a quick kill. Being streamlined mechanical broadhead flies better but have less penetration. Its uses some of its kinetic energy when deploying its blade.

removable blade broadhead arrowhead

Removable Blade

  • These broadheads arrows are designed to easily removed broadhead blades so as when dull or blunted arrow not need be discarded.


Judo Point arrowhead tip



Judo Point

These arrowheads have spring wires that extends outward from its sides. These are designed to catch on debris and grass so as arrow is not lost in th vegetation. Its primarily used for target practice and for hunting small game.

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