Compound Bow Parts | Components | and Anatomy

compound bow accessories compound bow anatomy Compound bow parts compound bow parts and accessories

Compound Bow Parts and Components

Parts of a Compound Bow:

The following components make up parts of Compound Bow...

  • Riser
  • Limbs
  • Cams
  • Sights
  • Limb Pocket 
  • Bow String 
  • Buss Cable  
  • D Loop 
  • Peep Sight 
  • Silencers 
  • Stabilizers 
  • Release 
  • Quiver 

Compound Bow Anatomy and Parts - Hue&Shades


The main or center of the bow, the riser is the bows central mount for other major components, like its l    limbs, stabilizers, sights, and quiver. Most Central risers are made of aluminum or magnesium alloy and even carbon fiber. Some models compound bows are made of 7075 aluminum alloy. Rigidity is a main requirement for a bows risers to handle stress of forces being applied on it.

compound bow riser part - Hue&Shadesbow riser component for hunting bowsbow riser front part component for hunting

Bow Limbs

Limbs are what stores all the energy use to fire shooters arrows. Limbs are made of fiberglass-based composite materials that allows it to take high tensile force.

hunting compound bow limbs for huntingHunting Bows components Compound Bow Limbs

Compound Bow Cams

Cams are a mechanical systems (levering cables and pulleys) or cam system to increase the rigidity of its limbs there enabling more power per draw by archer.

A common configuration for bows are a cam or wheel at the ends of  each limbs. Variations of bow design have different kinds of cam shape.

Bow Eccentrics

Are a category of concepts for using cams to store energy in the limbs of bows. There are four common types of bow eccentrics these are as follows;

Compound Bow Cam Types:

Single Cam - One Cam or a Solo cam is a bow with one round idler wheel on the top of the bow and an elliptical shaped power-cam on the bottom. Generally more quieter than a dual cam bow.single cam bow -hue&Shades

Hydrid Cam Features two asymmetrically elliptical cams: a control cam on the top, and a power cam on the bottom.

APA: V2 Cam Draw Length Adjustment from Catch 1 Films on Vimeo.

Dual Cam - also called binary cam dual cam bows are more faster and can have a more aggressive draw force on them. Being more noisy than a single cause of having more moving parts is its draw back. But most dual cam bows have a draw stop giving them a much more solid wall.


APA: Changing Draw Length on the Dual Cam from Catch 1 Films on Vimeo.

Binary Cam - A bow component made of  two perfectly symmetrical cams that are slaved to each other, forcing the cams to turn in perfect synchronization.

Compound Bow Sights 

An Attachable Aiming Aid that can be attached to the bow riser. 

compound bow sight  single pin - hue&shadescompound bow sight-hue&shades

Compound Bow Limb Pocket -  Where bow limbs are sit and attached to bow riser.

Recurve bow component Bow Limb Pocket

Bow String - The string that launches the arrow down range. Bow strings are important to keep undamaged cause a damage string can cause injury or a ruined hunting trip.

Bow String for compound bow

Compound Bow Buss Cable - Running cables that run to and from top and bottom cams that help the cams move when the bow is drawn.

bus cable for compound bow

D Loop - A piece of string material that is attached just above and below your nocking point.

compound bow d loop

Peep Sight - A small hallow opening bow user looks through while he/she is at full draw.

Compound bow peep sight

Silencers - Noise and vibration dampeners that can be located all over the bow. Helps reduce noise and vibrations from shot fired.

compound bow silencers dampeners

Stabilizers - Addon that helps keep your bow balanced in your hands.

Compound bow stabilizers

Release - A helpful aid that's straps to your fingers. Helping user in gripping and releasing bow string when drawn.

hunting bow release accessoriesHunting Bow accessory release for bow string holder

Hunting Bow wrist Release accessoriesHunting quick release for wrist hunting bow accessories

Quiver - The accessory that bows arrows goes and passes through. It helps protect your arrow from elements and also protects you from field points or sharp broadheads.

hunting bow quiver for arrowsquiver arrow holder for holding arrows

Hunting Bow accessories Arrow holder components for safety and easy storing of broadheads and other arrows.

Broadheads - A large cutting point assembly, that attaches to an arrow shaft for hunting.

Broadhead arrows for bowhuntingbroadhead arrow heads for hunting bowsBroadhead Arrow Heads for Hunting Compound and Recurved Bow.

What is Better Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow?

One defining feature of a compound bow is its use of a levering system composed mostly of levering cables and pulleys to bend its limbs.

Using this pulley cam system gives an archer a mechanical advantage when shooting. The cam system maximizes the energy stored during the draw cycle.

Allowing the archer to relax while shooting and to concentrate on the target. Compound bows are mostly and widely used in target practice and hunting.

Whilst a Recurve Bow is a bow with its limbs pointed away or curves away from the archer when unstrung or shot.

A recurve shape permits for a shorter bow than a straight limb bow. This form is more preferred by archers in environments where long weapons may proved cumbersome, like in brush or forest terrain.

Ameyxgs recurve hunting bowAMEYXGS Recurve Hunting Bow

The difference between a compound bow versus a recurve bow is a recurve bow is its form and function allows a recurve to fire stronger shots due to its form.

While a compound bow uses mechanical systems (levering cables and pulleys) or cam system to increase the rigidity of its limbs there enabling more power per draw.

Below is an image of compound bow Brand KRYSIS Compound Bow a modern compound bow showing its main parts and components. The image below shows the Anatomy of a Modern Compound Bow.

Parts of a modern compound bow Kresis Bow


Kresis Bow Component parts:

Power Rubber

High Quality industrial grade rubber same material used in spear guns. Helping give an additional boost in stored kinetic energy when shooting compound bows.

Axle Cam

Secondary cam where bow string attaches to Compound bows main cam. Acts like a pivot point for bow string and limb cams.

kresis compound bow axle cam component-hue&shades

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