Accessories for Compound Bow

Essential Accessories for Compound Bows

For Archery Beginners having these accessories for your Compound Bow can help in improving your bows performance. Some accessories can help improved archer's shooting accuracy and shooting efficiency. Others serves as a utility for the user.

These are some of the options for choosing the right accessories for your compound bow. Each kind of accessory and what its use and what its for.

Compound bow with Accessories


Compound Bow Sight

Compound Bow SIghts are used to improved accuracy. Multi pin sights Comes in single pin or multi pin configurations.

Multi pin sights are easier to use as each pin represents different bow range as needed for shooting. Sights can come in Single, Three, Five, or Seven pin configuration. 

IQ Bowsight Pro One Single Pin Bow Sight

Single Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series 3 Pin Compound Bow Sight

3 Pin Bow Sight

 IQ Bowsight Define Range Finding 5 Pin Archery Bow Sight

5 Pin Bow Sight

 Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight

7 Pin Compound Bow Sight

Some Tips on how to Adjust a compound bow sight.

Single pin bow sight are used by archers to precisely dialing exact yardage for shooting. Video shows difference between a single pin and multi pin bow sight.

Bow Arrow Rest Brush

Compound bow arrow rest is an accessory for holding compound bow arrows in place. Containment brushes can hold an arrow in place for any angle of shooting. Some arrow rest brush can be interchange on attachment for left or right hand use.

TG615B_L compound bow arrow brush rest

Truglo Arrow Rest Brush

Adjusting Bow Arrow Brush Rest easy to follow instructions.

Bow Arrow Quiver

Arrow Quiver or Arrow Bag or holder as it might be called is an archery accessory for holding an archers arrows for easy access.

It may come in a cylindrical leather bag or can be an Bow Quiver that can be attached on the compound bow itself. Modern Arrow quiver can be made of plastic or metal. Comes in handy when doing target practice or hunting expeditions.

Universe Archery Back Arrow Quiver Genuine Leather Arrow Holder

Traditional Bow Arrow Quiver

 Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow Quiver

5 Spot Bow Quiver

How to Install a Compound Bow Quiver (Easy to follow steps).

Bow Stabilizer

stabiliser is a general term for various types of weights, usually on rods, mounted on the bow to increase stability i.e. lessen movement on release, thereby increasing precision. 

Stabilisers help reduce inconsistencies of the archer's release by increasing the moment of inertia of the bow

Short Bow Stabilizers are useful when space is an issue. In environments where space can be an issue where movement might be hindered by bushes or trees. 

While when space is not an issue a longer stabilizers can be used both can provide the same weight yet the difference is on length.

Safari Choice Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

Short Bow Stabilizer

axion Elevate Pro Stabilzer Black Mathews Damper 10 in.

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer 12 in

Long Compound Bow Stabilizers

How to Choose the Right Compound Bow Stabilizers

Compound Bow Holder

Compound Bow gripper stand for holding bow upright when in rest or not in use. Portable and easy to carry kickstand for compound bows for easy storing. Compound bow holder can also be used as a simple bow display rack.

compound bow kickstand bow holder

Scissor Type Compound Bow Holder Stand

Compound bow Stand Holder

Bow Release Aid

Release aid for compound bow using a mechanical release with a trigger instead of using archers fingers. 

Compound bow release or release aids can help in greatly reducing the strain on archers fingers when drawing a bow string. 

Cupid bow thumb release aid

Compound bow releases are more like performance enhancing aids in that it allows archers to draw more comfortably than with just using a finger or glove. Being more comfortable allows archers to shoot more accurately.

Types of Bow Release Aids:

winarchery compound bow release

Index Finger Release

Index finger release has a trigger that's need to be pulled to fire the arrow.

Compound bow release aid thumb trigger button release

Handheld Thumb Trigger | Button Release

Bow Release aid that needs to be held with three to four fingers and is activated by using archers thumb.

compound bow hinge style release aid

Hinge Style Releases

Compound Bow release that utilizing a half moon shape pivoting pin. To activate a release hinge requires a rotation.

 bow tension release aid

Tension Resistance Release

Tension resistance release is the same as a Hinge Style Release the difference is it has a built in safety mechanism for protecting from accidental firing.

Peep Sight

A peep sight is nothing more than a small hole on your compound bow string for adjusting the archers line of sight. There are three types of peep sights they are as follows.

Rubber Tube Peep sight

Rubber Tube Peep Sight

Reliable and less expensive than other peep sights one drawback is its known to break without signs of tear.

fletcher style peep sight

Fletcher Style Peep Sight

For experience hunters for keeping there bows in perfect alignment. Made with aluminum when installed peep sight splits bow string fibers in twos.


Trio style Bow peep sight

Trio Slot | Trio Style Peep Sight

Trio slot splits bow string fibers in thirds its easier to install than a Fletcher style peep sight.

Differences between Tube Fletcher and Trio Peep Sight

Bow Stringer

Simple tool for safely putting bow string onto your bow. Must have for safety reasons and convenience.

recurve bow stringer

compound bow stringer

Bow Sling Strap

Bow sling attaches to bow riser and your bow hand keeping your bow contained while and during firing this helps in catching your bow when on release. Wrist sling strap can also be a great DIY project for archery enthusiast.

wrist sling strap

How to use a Bow Sling Strap

 Arrow Puller

Provides a better grip and added stiffening for your hold. Also protect arrows form bending from your fingers grip.

Archery Arrow Puller Remover Grip with Belt Clip Black

Bow Hand Protector

Mostly used not for protecting archers hand but for keeping your clothes from snagging your string that can throw your shot.

top archery compound bow hand guard

Finger Guard (Finger Tab)

Finger Guard, Archer Tab or finger tab are a piece of small leather or synthetic patch used to protect archers fingers from bowstring friction.

Finger Guard or Tabs can be strapped or attached to an archers hand, cheap and easy to install for hand and finger protection. Finger guard or finger tabs are Mostly used by archers who use compound bows.

Bow Finger Guard Finger Tab

Compound bow finger tab

BowString Nocks

String nocks are made of plastic that serves as the attachment point or contact point to place an arrow onto a bowstring. Used mainly to prevent unintentional separation of arrow from bowstring when shooting.

compound bow string nocks

bowstring nocks

How to install a Nocking Point on a Bowstring.


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